Selecting Breeding Stock



A key consideration is to breed for song from birds that have proven good tone characteristics.

Males should have a deep long Hollow and Bass Roll with good Flutes.

Females do not sing but carry the song structure of their father and grandfather in their blood. Only through her offspring can a hen's song contribution be gauged although a hen with a clear, hollow-toned call tends to denote quality breeding.

Selective line breeding (in-breeding) is recommended to ensure a steady improvement of song quality with stock that is stable and reproducible. Only the finest specimens in terms of health and vigour should be selected.

Cross-breeding with different Roller strains may be adopted from time to time to improve certain song elements, free singing or other characteristics. A word of caution - once offspring with the sought after song improvement have been produced the strain needs to be restabilised through line breeding - a process that may take some years.