Roller Breeders

Roller Canary Society of SA - Inc



South Australia:



Herman Kamp
Phone: (08) 8388 2141

John Roberts
Phone:(08) 8277 3852


Hans Kuschel
Mobile: 0412 836 263


Morris Salvatore
Phone:(08) 8258 3698


Ted Bon
Phone: (08) 8251 5452








Roller Pricing

The indicative price for Roller Canaries in South Australia has remained unchanged at $60 a pair for some years.

Suppliers always have the right to set their own values since many factors can impact on the asking price - supply and demand, condition of the birds, song quality, song contest results, pedigree, age, breeding pairs, etc. On average a cockbird will also fetch more than a hen.

As prices are subject to so many factors the Roller Canary Society of South Australia can accept no responsibility for price variations.

Transport and payment charges are normally borne by the prospective buyer and prepayment sought before shipping. The supplier of birds will also appreciate a notification with comment from the buyer once the birds have arrived.

Finally a word of caution - new buyers should beware that birds being acquired are in fact genuine Rollers.