2016 Contest Calendar


22nd May:

1st Contest - limit two groups of four per entrant

12th June: 2nd Contest - limit two groups of four per entrant
10th July:

3rd Contest - limit two pairs per entrant

24th July:

4th Contest - limit two pairs per entrant


14th August: Final Contest & GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP

(limit of two pairs per entrant)






These notes provide some information to those who have never seen or heard the Roller Canary.

The difference between the Roller Canary and the different "type" canaries are numerous. With a "type” canary, one can tell as soon as the birds are feathered as to whether you have bred a winner by the shape size, feathers and colour. With the Roller Canary, these points do not count. The only thing that does is the song, and this is where the challenge comes in, because both cock and hen carry the song gene, but whereas you can listen and assess the cock, the hen is somewhat of a dark horse as she never sings. It is only by line breeding that you can find out whether she carries a good or bad song gene.

The Roller sings with his beak closed for nearly all of his tours.Therefore his song is not as loud but more melodious than other canaries. It makes a very good house pet because of this.

There are fourteen different Tours in the Roller's repertoire listed as follows:-

Hollow Roll
10 Bass 10 Water Glucke 9
Glucke 9 Glucke Roll 9 Koller (obs) 8
Schockel 6 Flutes 6 Hollow Bell 6
Water Roll 5 Deep Bubbling
Water Tour
5 Bell Glucke 3
Bell Roll 2 Bell Tour 2    
        General Effect 10

Points are also deducted for faults.

The bird is judged out of 100 points - so when you see the following on the score card, you can follow the contest.

1 A. Smith RCS 07-106 40
22 G. Jones RCS 06-232 50


For those attending we hope you enjoy our Contest.

Please speak to any member if you have a question or would like to join our Society.

Alternatively please contact:

  RCS-SA Secretary Margaret Kuschel

7 Brookhaven Court, Aberfoyle Park,
South Australia, 5159
Phone: (08) 8270 4183
email: margaret@kuschel.com.au



For participating members:


Song Contest Rules (Shortened Version)

Contest entries restricted to club members only
Birds to be benched no later than 9.00 am
Standard Contest Cages to be used
Entry Fee - 50 cents per bird
No restrictions on maximum birds per owner provided the overall number of birds to be judged in the Contest does not exceed 36

Owners to provide a list of ring numbers (number and year) of birds entered to Contest Manager a week before the Contest

Birds to be judged two at a time, i.e., in pairs from the same owner

One or three bird entries will be accommodated by pairings arranged by the Contest Manager

Time limit - ten minutes

Each bird to receive an individual score

Individual scores for each bird in the appropriate class
There are three classes:
(1) Young Birds Owner Bred & Trained (Y.B.O.B.T.)
- any genuine club rung Roller hatched in the previous year, bred and trained to sing by his owner
(2) Open
- any genuine Roller of any age whether club rung or not.
(3) Duets
- any pair of genuine Rollers, of the same or different ages, club rung or otherwise, but belonging to the same owner