Welcome to our club website and join us in sharing our passion for the virtuoso of bird song - the Roller Canary, also widely known as the German Roller or Hartzer Roller.

Roller canaries have brought joy to millions of people around the world. As household pets the Rollers are unsurpassed giving their wonderful song for just a few grains of seed. These little birds have a cheerful disposition and charming melody to gladden the hearts of young and old alike.

Famous breeders from yesteryear such as Trute and Seifert painstakingly cultivated the Roller song to produce a master singer.

Today's Roller in Australia is the only member of the
Song Canary family still resident there. This is mainly through the devoted efforts of diehard Roller fanciers over the years as canary imports from overseas have been prohibited since 1949.

Our club welcomes those interested to our meetings and song contests. We can offer a convivial environment and our members will be only too pleased to answer any queries and share their Roller experiences with you.

For enquiries please contact

  RCS-SA Secretary Margaret Kuschel

7 Brookhaven Court, Aberfoyle Park, South Australia, 5159
Phone: (08) 8270 4183




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